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360 Engagement helps you utilize digital marketing to connect with,engage and motivate your key audiences, whether you are a small business wanting to increase sales, an individual seeking to build a personal brand, a nonprofit striving to up donations, or anyone in between.

Our focus is utilizing digital marketing in ways that achieve maximum benefits and help you achieve business goals. Read More

About Us
After working with numerous Fortune 500 companies, up-and-coming brands and early stage start-ups to use digital marketing channels to connect with customers and generate dollars, Jackie Bivins was ready for a change. That’s why in 2010 she launched 360 Engagement.

Now the focus is on leveraging these years of experience as a journalist, marketer, story tellers and digital pioneer to empower small businesses, non-profits and individuals to achieve maximum results from their marketing efforts online – and off.

For Jackie, and the consultants she brings in as needed from her vast network, there is no simple “one size fits all” approach. Each and every client benefits from their experience and understanding of what works, and what doesn’t, in the digital space.

By closely collaborating with clients, clarity, communications and connections are achieved, leading to the accomplishment of business goals and to loyal customers and other constituencies.

(To learn more about Jackie, check her out here.)

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