Congratulations! You’ve started to explore how to use social media to engage more directly with your customers, and with your prospects. The question now, though, is are you just using the tools or do you have a solid strategy and plan in place? No matter what the answer check out these services:

  • The Social Media Steering Wheel building process: Gain clarity about key business objectives and define other aspects of a sound social media strategy.
  • The SM Roadmap: Sure social media lends itself to a lot of experimentation and testing, but there is also the danger of “follower fatigue”. Avoid this and other pitfalls with the SM Roadmap.
  • Ongoing Social Media Management: Strategic, creative use of social media is a time consuming process. Benefit from working with pros who have been there, done that, and know how to execute those key promotions and other events, while keeping both customers and prospects actively engaged.
  • Other Consulting Services: If you’re like most companies you spend far more time thinking about what you’re saying and where you’re saying it then you do listening, and responding, to the actual conversation taking place. This is just one social challenge to be addressed as our consulting team works with you to boost your ROSM (return-on-social media)