In working with companies ranging from top brands to emerging players, we have seen firsthand that the most effective social media programs begin with deciding what and why you want to accomplish, who you need to reach in order to succeed, where you are going to reach them and how you are going to keep them engaged. That’s why the Social Media Steering Wheel process was created.
Carried out either through an in-person workshop or through a combination of online surveys and one-on-one interviews (each complemented by incorporating best practices in online research and monitoring), 360 Engagement works with clients to:

  • Identify where within the organization social media can/should have a significant impact and set specific, measurable business objectives for the program
  • Clearly define your audience target(s)and then determine which social media channels and tools are to be used to engage these individuals
  • Define how the use of social media is to be integrated with marketing and with other programs already underway
  • Explore how social media initiatives are to be integrated with the corporate website and/or other already ongoing Internet promotions
  • Create social media brand guidelines and standards
  • Decide what listening tools/monitoring services will be put into place (dependent upon program budgets)
  • Develop the overall communications strategy (and set expectations)

This process results in a social media strategy, built through a highly interactive process that serves as both the justification for and the foundation of a highly customized social media program